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Sunday, 17 July 2011

'US picks wrong allies again, cannot accept defeat in Libya'

Source: www.rt.com

Libya Gaddafi And The New World Order

Comments from the People:

Stop the aggression in Libya, wrote::
[Moammar al-GADHAFI is] A legend. The one and only! How many more years will we have to wait to see a politician who dares to expose all the fakes? If the media honestly translated all his speeches, the world would be on his side.

I, Christella Bernardene Krebs ‎replied @ S.T.A.I.L..:
BUT THEY WILL NOT TRANSLATE al-GADHAFI CORRECTLY! They are either ignorant or they are afraid of his real thoughts (which are marvelous and a wonder)!
In 1999, Pierre Salinger wrote on the dust jacket of al-Gadhafi’s book of miscellaneous writings about the problems of translation of al-Gadhafi’s beautiful, poetic and sometimes allagorical words. He mentions that one must have a thorough understanding of The Bible, the Quaran and unadulterated ancient world history. Also Arabic is more exact in some of its meanings than English. Still, with explanation footnotes, this CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED, as it was accomplished with “Escape into Hell and Other Stories”. Find a copy, it is exellent reading for a basic understanding of al-Gadhafi…But then there is also the BRAINWASHED MENTALITY of most Westerners: They automatilly think of Mao’s “RED-BOOK” when one mentions “THE GREEN BOOK”—They refuse to even look at it, believing it to be a Communist Manefesto….although, al-Gadhafi himself, on its very first introductory pages, openly refutes and condems communism.

Most people of the West have been conditioned to be totally “closed-minded”; although they will vehemently deny that. Still, ask them some questions on Africa; and see what their answers will be. (PROBABLY TOO HILARIOUS TO EVEN REPEAT!) This is a great Tragedy—
BUT I must reitterate the old adage: A prophet is never recognised in his own time….Very sad indeed. Gadhafi is a MUJJADID, undeniably YES. Also, as I expressed before:The peoples of the West are mesmorized and do not know the truth. They have been put in a BIG SLEEP by the NWO. Their lives are totally controlled by the Banksters. They have been fed, since infants, by the corrupt Mass Media.The fact is, their world is literally crumbling as I write; and they refuse to see this! What will it take to awaken the West? The whole west is in financial and spiritual collapse and they refuse to accept the reality. Anyone who tries to shake them out of their stupor to smell the roses again, is ridiculed and made into a joke—or even worse—they feel a need to “EXTERMINATE” ! as if that will cure their disasterous ills! How much longer can they go on with their false scenarios before they fall flat on their dark FAIRY tale. Can they survive not seeing the LIGHT of DAY ? Something has “got to give”!

Wall Street’s ‘rebel’ minister
A key person who can help these corporate predators is the newly appointed finance minister of the National Transition Council, Ali Tarhouni. Tarhouni left Libya in 1973 for the U.S. He taught economics at the University of Washington Graduate School of Business, specializing in stock analysis. He consults widely and sits on a number of corporate advisory boards. (tibra.org/awards/2002/judges/t...
Tarhouni was a key participant in a 1994 conference on “post-Gadhafi Libya” hosted by the Washington Center for Strategic and International Studies. He promoted privatization and regional economic integration at the conference, which was also attended by various groups with ties to the National Endowment for Democracy — a conduit for the CIA.
Tarhouni was the political coordinator for a National Conference of the Libyan Opposition in Seattle. The NCLO was founded in London in 2005 and is centered on the National Salvation Front, with a history of CIA connections. (“Post-Qaddafi Libya on the Globalist Road,” Foreign Policy Journal, Feb. 26) Tarhouni is Wall Street’s point man in the pro-imperialist would-be government


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Protest Rally against the Channel 4 in London

There will be a protest rally against the Channel 4’s malicious campaign to tarnish Sri Lanka’s and our arm force’s image.

Address: Channel 4 Television Station, Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 2TX
Nearest underground: St. James’s Park.
Date and Time: Sunday 17th July 2011, 1pm-5pm

If you can, please participate. If you live out side the UK then please let your friends who live in the UK know about this protest.

Channel 4 documentary ‘Sri Lanka Killing Fields’ which was broadcasted on the 14th June 2011 at 11.06pm. If you couldn’t watch it then you will be able to watch it by clicking on the following link:


Channel 4 Original Video of LTTE Killings (Tamil Voices)

Monday, 20 June 2011

Tripoli bombings hit Britons’ in the wallet.

As civilian deaths in Libya grow, anger mounts among the Western taxpayers footing the bill for the military intervention. The conflict is expected to cost one of its key players, the UK, hundreds of millions of pounds.

Britons are already calling it the “billion-pound war”. It is calculated that if the military campaign in Libya goes on for six months, it will cost the British taxpayer US$1.6 billion. But that initial “humanitarian mission” is now a “get-rid-of-Gaddafi” operation – and that could take a lot longer.

“Assuming their goal is simply to oust him from power, one imagines this is not going to end until he is killed or leaves office, so this could potentially drag on for months more. And as we see, they’ve already extended the operation by another three months,
” journalist James Corbett said.

That is unlikely to be popular with a British public that is watching government spending like a hawk right now – already furious at seeing services and jobs slashed. Even so, Downing Street’s war wallet is open, and it is taking the lead in Libya.

Data gathered by Britain’s Guardian newspaper from defense ministries and news reports shows that Britain has flown 25 per cent of all sorties in Libya, second only to the US. By the second week of May, 6,000 strike missions had been ordered.

Blogger Daniel Renwick says the UK is likely to have weighed up the cost. But with a warm wind blowing westwards from Libyan rebels and youth movements, Britain reckons a billion pounds is a pretty good investment.

“It’s about having control of North Africa’s resources, particularly Libya’s crude oil, which is easily accessible. Sales have already started to be made through the transitional council,” he told RT.

Some bombs cost up to $1.5 million dollars each, and with the UK cutting defense spending, it seems unlikely they will be replaced. And when you’re dealing with such big numbers, small things make a big difference.

“The Eurofighter Typhoon [aircraft] costs 90,000 pounds an hour [to operate], so small changes in the number of hours you estimate produce big changes in cost estimates. I would go for the upper end,” Shank Joshi from the Royal United Services Institute said.

Wars are always expensive, but the costs back home could prove more difficult to afford. Next in line to strike are a million public sector workers, who are being asked to work more and get less. The disruption to services could run into weeks.

The commitment to continue in Libya for however long suggests a blank check at a time when there is little in the kitty. The deployment of Apache helicopters does not appear to have given NATO the tactical advantage it hoped for; and every time a plane takes to the sky or drops a bomb, the cost for Britain and its beleaguered European neighbors creeps higher and higher.